What do Penguins do all Day?

If you’re like us, you are curious about penguins and perhaps it has crossed your mind as to what it is exactly that the penguins do all day. Well, you’ve come to the right place.

According to what we’ve all seen at the zoo or on tv, penguins do a whole lot of nothing all day. The south pole must be pretty boring, huh?

Wrong. In their natural habitat, penguins are very active, especially during the summer/warmer months. It is like our summer vacation if we were little waddly mammals. Penguins go through cycles of activity, some of which is more stagnant, other times is very active (as stated above).

The winter can be cold and dark and thus it can be hard to catch fish or food for penguins. This means that during the lighter, summer months, the penguins catch up on fishing and eating.

Basically, they have to get food while the getting is good! They build up a large amount of fat and insulation which serves a few purposes; firstly, keeping them extra warm when it counts the most (the winter) as well as ensuring they have enough fat and calories to live off of when fishing is not possible.

This means that the spring and summer are very busy for these birds, a lot less standing around than we thought.

Maybe when we think of penguins standing around, we are referring to their sport like huddles where they gather together in large groups and huddle to share body heat and preserve their fat, energy, and body temperatures. It’s like a giant cuddle session for all of their family and friends!

They also like to play, and interact, they are social creatures and because they live in large groups, there is no shortage of friends and family to enjoy.

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