Penguins in Love

We can learn a lot from the way that Penguins find a mate and “fall in love”. Take a look at some of these love facts about penguins:

  • Sticks are shared to create nests or homes for two penguins’ babies/children.
  • Rocks and small stones are extremely sentimental and meaningful gifts that are given from one penguin to another. These stones and rocks aren’t just picked up on the way over to one’s special lady friend, but rather hand picked. The male penguins pick through rocks and spend their time searching for the best rock they can find, it has to be smooth and well shaped, only the best for their ladies! The real kicker here is that the female actually has to accept the gift formally if she takes it into her nest, the two are on their way to going steady! This process is so important that you can catch two males fighting over one beautiful rock.
  • Penguins don’t have time or habitats for romance; mating happens during the winter, the most difficult and harshest time of the year. Different species of penguins require different mating conditions and locations, but many are not glamorous, some are even made of poop.
  • True love exists; Penguins choose and re-choose and then choose again the same partner. If their beloved does not show up or come back, the female will find another but if given the option, chooses the same partner year after year. Some penguins like to keep their options open and opt out of these long term commitments and stick to playing the field, picking 2 or 3 partners a year.
  • Communication is key; penguins rely on verbal communication and chat a lot to ensure that all penguins are on the same page.
  • Don’t forget to have fun; Penguins enjoy playing and goofing around with family, friends, and partners as much as the rest of us.

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