Other Loveable Penguin Characters

Penguins aren’t just found in the South Pole and on TV, there are lots of other penguin characters. Check them out:

  • Overbite; a penguin commander in the Penguin Land video game. His entire mission surrounds bringing eggs back from other territories and land.
  • Penta Penguin; This somewhat silly penguin is featured in the Crash Bandicoot game and doesn’t do much but walk around and occasionally spin.
  • Club Penguin; A very well-known and a loved game across the world where you make your own penguins and get to wander around discovering other penguins, games, places, and things. It is interactive and in real time allows users to chat with each other, play games together and co exist.
  • Iceburgh; This is not a character but a mascot. The National Hockey Leagues’s Pittsburgh Penguins is represented by Iceburgh the Penguin. He made his debut back in 1991 and was formerly known as ‘Icey’.
  • Mr. Popper’s Penguins; this quirky but well-loved book is about a painter who somehow finds himself with a troop of penguins.
  • Penguin Power; Penguins even have a place in slot games. Penguin Power is an interactive, high energy, fun, online slot game which features a number of penguins, fish and is set in the South Pole. The fish are your tickets to winning. The penguin will help you along your journey in this game.
  • Penguin Splash; Another online slot that features more penguins than we can count. These playful penguins help you win big and hit big jackpots. This game is also set in the South Pole and yet is vibrant and upbeat and offers fun graphics and features.

The list of penguins featured in different media outlets goes on and continues to grow. It helps create awareness while also melting our hearts using the cute faces of loveable penguins.

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