Fun Facts About Penguins

If you are a penguin enthusiast, curious or just enjoy fun facts, here are some really cool facts that you probably didn’t know about penguins:

  • There are only 17 different penguin species, all of which can only be found in the southern most hemisphere.
  • Though we often think of penguins as cute and little, the largest of the little critters, the Emperor is astonishingly 4 feet in height! But then you have the smallest of them all, the Blue Penguin who is barely 1 foot tall.
  • Some penguins can swim as fast as 35 km per hour.
  • Penguins use their black and white colours as a way to blend into the water to avoid predators and other threats.
  • Penguins have been around for (apparently) over 60 million years!
  • When penguins sneeze, it’s a way for their body to be able to filter out the salt from the water they ingest.
  • Many of the different species mate with the same penguin for a number of seasons.
  • Not just that, but penguins go back to the same mating place over and over as well (like a home)
  • Emperor penguins keep their eggs warm by storing them on top of their feet.
  • Though penguins don’t have visible ears, their sense of hearing might be one of their strongest suits. Since they travel and exist in such large groups, they rely on being able to hear calls and noise emitted by other penguins to survive and succeed.
  • Penguins aren’t typically used to visits from other animals or threats on land, so if humans visit or spot penguins, they often aren’t scared or act timid as they do not see them as a threat.
  • The first explorer to ever see or spot a penguin was not sure what they were and really thought they were just a strange species of geese.

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